API codes for REST Merchants Registration

API codes#

0OK. Transaction successful.
1invalid file format
2null sitef_merchantid value
3null sitef_ip value
4null currency value
5null sitef_port value
6null version value
7invalid currency value
8invalid payment_type for merchant
9invalid id value
10invalid email value
11null email value
12null id value
13invalid address value
14null fantasy_name value
15invalid fantasy_name value
16null corporate_name value
17invalid corporate_name value
18null domain value
19invalid domain value
20null cnpj value
21invalid cnpj value
22invalid state value
23invalid phone_number value
24invalid transactional_urls.hash value
25invalid transactional_urls.authenticity value
26invalid return_urls.cancel value
27invalid return_urls.failure value
28invalid return_urls.success value
29invalid transactional_urls.status value
30invalid zip_code value
31invalid city value
32null authorizers.routing_id value
33invalid authorizers.routing_id value
34null authorizers.id value
35invalid authorizers.id value
36null authorizers.parameters.name value
37invalid authorizers.parameters.name value
38null authorizers.parameters.value value
39invalid authorizers.parameters.value value
40null request
41authorizer not allowed for NPC
42null cpf value
43invalid cpf value
44invalid cpf/cnpj value
45null login value
45invalid login value
47login already exists
48null name value
49invalid name value
50null access_type value
51invalid access_type value
52null profile value
53invalid profile value
54null admin_profile value
55invalid admin_profile value
56null prefix value
57invalid prefix value
58null merchant_id value
59invalid merchant_id value
60null merchant_key value
61invalid merchant_key value
62null group_id value
63invalid group_id value
64merchant registration not allowed
65merchant permissions not allowed
66invalid authorizers.min_installments_amount value
67invalid authorizers.max_installments_with_interest value
68invalid authorizers.max_installments_without_interest value
69invalid authorizers.status value
70merchant group registration error
71no permission to access this merchant
72invalid sitef_merchant_id value
75acquirer registration error
76parent merchant registration error
77client communication error
78null establishments.code value
79null establishments.routing_id value
80invalid establishments.routing_id value
81null subacquirer_group.id value
82null subacquirer_group.cnpj value
83no permission to get merchant status
85invalid merchant_status value
86invalid page value
87invalid limit value
88Signature or Token must not be null
89mcc cannot be null when threeds_enabled is true
90invalid threeds_enabled
91invalid threeds_payment_link_authentication
93at least one acquirer_merchant_id must be registered when threeds_enabled is true
94invalid acquirer_merchant_id
953DS registration error
96invalid automatic_antifraud_minimum_value
97invalid automatic_antifraud_maximum_value
98invalid automatic_threeds_maximum_value
99invalid automatic_threeds_minimum_value
100invalid antifraud_over_threeds
188Expired token
189Token already used
199Invalid token
200Token signature error
500error persisting data
1000Unexpected error! Please contact e-SiTef Support Team.
1026Merchant has no registered public key
1027Signature validation error
1028Signature payload validation error
1029Signature expired
1032Result not found