Merchant status query service

After getting the token or signature in the previous step, the virtual store can consume the status merchant query service.


The merchant requesting the status must have permission to do so and must be at the same group in which is the requested merchant. For more info on enabling Merchant Status Query Permission, contact our support team.

Call details#

  • Resource: /v1/merchants/status/{id}
  • HTTP Method: GET
  • Request format: JSON
  • Header parameters:
merchant_idMerchant code on Carat Portal. The production and certification codes will be different.< 15 ANYES
merchant_keyMerchant authentication key on Carat Portal. The production and certification keys will be different.< 80 ANNO
tokenToken obtained on the token creation service. Learn more.= 66 ANNO
AuthorizationThe merchant's signature must be sent in the format Bearer {signature}. Exemple: Bearer JHVGytfdgauygdauiw78264284527852897hagdg.< 2000 ANNO



"response_code": "0",
"response_message": "OK",
"merchant_status": "A"

Response parameters#

response_codeCarat Portal response code.< 4 N
response_messageCarat Portal response message.< 500 AN
merchant_statusStatus of the consulted merchant. A = ACTIVE; I = INACTIVE1 A