REST Cancel


Carat Portal provides services for cancelling (reversing) a payment.

For security reasons, the editing flow requires an authentication step, where Carat Portal sends a POST to the registered authentication URL of the merchant with the necessary data in order to continue the flow and cancel the payment.

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Flow description:

  • 1. The merchant initiates a cancellation passing the esitef_usn of the desired transaction (this field is returned by Carat Portal after approving the payment). If successful. Carat Portal will return code and message accordingly.
    • 1.1. During the reversal creation call, Carat Portal will send a POST to the registered authenticity URL of the merchant with the NIT of the cancellation transaction. The merchant must then respond to this post with an HTTP 200 (OK) code. If this code is not returned, Carat Portal will interpret as a failure in this operation and will invalidate the NIT.
  • 2. The merchant proceeds the flow calling the cancel service, passing the NIT obtained on the authenticity POST and additional data that may be required depending on the acquirer (like the card number, in case of payments via SiTef). If no problems occur, Carat Portal will return a success message and the reversal transaction data.

Cancel query#

The information of the cancel transactions can be queried through the same service used on the REST Payment interface. Learn more.