Risk analysis response

The Carat Portal will return the analysis status (approved, rejected or under analysis) in the status notification url, in addition to the code and message returned by the service, as shown in the table below:

analise.statusRisk analysis= 3 A
analise.codigoResponse code< 3 N
analise.mensagemResponse message< 30 N

The status of the risk analysis can be:

NOVAnalysis has not yet been submitted.
EXPPayment transaction has expired before the analysis is sent.
ACCThe transaction was accepted.
REJTransaction rejected by the risk analysis institution.
REVTransaction requires manual review. (Learn more)
INVInvalid analysis.

It is important to note that if an error has occurred, it will be described in the analise.mensagem of the return URL.

For more information about response codes, read the Response Codes item in the desired anti-fraud solution documentation.