API codes

Transaction status#

NOVNewTransaction just created.
INVInvalidTransaction wasn't created successfully. Probably the merchant sent an incorrect parameter, so it wasn't possible to create the transaction correctly.
PPCPending confirmationPayment pending confirmation.
PPNUndonePending payment not confirmed (canceled).
PENAwaiting paymentTransaction awaiting answer from the financial institution.
CONConfirmedTransaction confirmed by the financial institution.
NEGDeniedTransaction denied by the financial institution.
ERRError authorizing paymentCommunication error with the authorizer. Try again.
BLQBlockedTransaction blocked after multiple attempts of card querying.
EXPExpiredTransaction expired.
ESTReversedPayment cancelled.
AGUAwaiting userTransaction awating user action.
ABAAbandonedTransaction expired due to excessive amount of user inactivity.
CANCanceledTransaction canceled by the user/customer.
RETRetryTransaction denied by the financial institution, but scheduled for retry.

Schedule status#

NOVNewTransaction just created.
INVInvalidTransaction wasn't created successfully. Probably the merchant sent an incorrect parameter, so it wasn't possible to create the transaction correctly.
PENPending confirmationSchedule pending confirmation.
DESUndonePending schedule undone.
ATVActiveSchedule active for executing recurrent transactions.
INAInactiveSchedule is inactive and won't execute recurrent payments.
ERRErrorError activating schedule.
FINFinishedSchedule already executed all recurrent payments and is now finished.
EXPExpiredTransaction expired.

Storage status#

CONConfirmedCard stored successfully.
INVInvalidStorage wasn't successful. Probably the merchant sent an incorrect parameter, so it wasn't possible to create the transaction correctly.
NEGDeniedThe card was queried on SiTef and was classified as invalid.
DUPDuplicatedAttempt by the merchant to store a card that was already stored on Carat Portal.
CANCancelledStorage of the card data cancelled by the customer. Data removed from Carat Portal, requested by the merchant.
DELDeletedCard data were removed from Carat Portal as requested by the card owner.
BLQBlockedStorage blocked due to a possible fraud attempt.

Response codes#

0Transaction OK
1Null NIT field
2Request is null
3Invalid NIT field
4Null authorizerId field
5Invalid authorizerId field
6Null autoConfirmation field
7Empty autoConfirmation field
8Null cardExpireDate field
9Invalid cardExpireDate field
10Null cardNumber field
11Invalid cardNumber field
12Null cardSecurityCode field
13Invalid cardSecurityCode field
14Null installments field
15Invalid installments field
16Null installmentType field
17Invalid installmentType field
18Null customerId field
19Invalid customerId field
20Null departureTax field
21Invalid departureTax field
22Null firstInstallment field
23Invalid firstInstallment field
24Null softDescriptor field
25Invalid softDescriptor field
26Null merchantKey field
27Invalid merchantKey field
28Null nsuSitef field
29Invalid nsuSitef field
30Null merchantId field
31Invalid merchantId field
32Null amount field
33Invalid amount field
34Null esitefUSN field
35Invalid esitefUSN field
36Null merchantUSN field
37Invalid merchantUSN field
38Invalid ordered field
39Invalid parameter field
40Null parameter field
41Invalid parameterNumber field
42Null jsonXml field
43Invalid jsonXml field
44Null method
45Invalid method
46Invalid url field
47Invalid redirect field
48Null card_hash field
49Invalid card_hash field
50Null financing_type field
51Invalid financing_type field
52Invalid sitef_ip field
53Invalid sitef_port field
54Invalid sitef_terminal field
55Invalid sitef_merchant_id field
56Invalid confirmation_data field
57Invalid confirmation_type field
58Null or empty inner_transactions field
59Invalid extra_field field
60Empty prefixes / key field
61Empty prefixes / value field
62Invalid additional_data field
63Invalid prefixes field
64financing_type field with ineterest not allowed
68Null dealer_code field
69Invalid dealer_code field
70Null phone_ddd field
71Null phone_number field
72Invalid amount_key field
73card_number and card_token fields cannot be used at the same time
74amount field cannot be fixed to recharge transactions
75Invalid phone_ddd field
76Invalid phone_number field
77Invalid store_card field
78Invalid store_identification field
79Invalid recharge_included field
80Authorizer not implemented to mobile interface.
81Operation not allowed.
82Transaction not found.
83Null store_identification field
84Storage not allowed to the chosen authorizer.
85Invalid purchase_summary field.
86Empty item list.
87Null authenticate field
88Invalid card. Verify the card number or the chosen payment method.
89Error retrieving transaction
100Failed to perform payment transaction
101Failed to confirm payment transaction
102Transaction already completed or in progress
103Invalid transaction type.
104Invalid authorizer for the transaction.
105Invalid transaction style.
106Merchant without permission for operation.
107Operation not allowed for the transaction status.
108Authorizer inactive or not enabled for the merchant.
109Installments exceed the limit set in the authorization.
110Inactive merchant
111Invalid authorizer type
112Authorization with invalid configuration
113Authorizer inactive or not enabled for the merchant.
114Blocked transaction.
115Authenticity error
116Error in transaction query. Please try again later.
131Communication failure with SiTef
132Malformed request
134Card query error
135Merchant does not have permission to perform split transactions.
136Rollback error
137Invalid operation
138Authorizer selection failure
139There is no registered authorizer
140Query returned many authorizers
141The informed authorizer is not routed via SiTef
142Error while querying card: unexpected response from authorizer
143The card number you submitted does not match the chosen payment method.
144Merchant without permission for Recharge V5 HTML
145Merchant without permission for Recharge V5 WebService
146Authentication error
147Authentication denied
148Authentication not allowed for this authorizer
149Store without ISA authentication registration data.
150Invalid Request
157Invalid showTimesInvoice field
160Merchant without permission for HTML transactions
161Merchant without permission for payment transactions
162Merchant without Permission for IATA Transactions
163Authorizer registration with errors.
215Sale with gift type card not enabled
216Gift card recharge not enabled
217Cancellation of payment via gift card not enabled
222Invalid acquirer.authorization_number field
230Invalid payer neighborhood field
231Invalid payer uf field
232Invalid payer name field
233Invalid payer address_street_name / address_street_number field
234Invalid payer identification_number field
235Invalid payer city field
236Invalid payer zipcode field
255Denied payment
256Waiting cancellation response
257Refund denied
258Recharge denied
259Transaction denied
260Recharge undone due to payment failure
261Recharge must be resubmitted
300Error creating refund transaction
301Divergent card_number field
302Communication failure
304Invalid extra_info field
305Invalid currency field
306Invalid insurance_amt field
307Invalid handling_amt field
308Invalid tax_amount field
309Invalid inner_transaction order_id field
310Invalid inner_transaction merchant_id field
311Invalid inner_transaction merchant_usn field
312Invalid inner_transaction amount field
313Invalid shipment type field
314Invalid shipment cost field
315Invalid shipment discount_amount field
316Invalid shipment receiver_address_apartment field
317Invalid shipment receiver_address_floor field
318Invalid shipment receiver_address_street_name field
319Invalid shipment receiver_address_street_number field
320Invalid shipment receiver_address_zip_code field
321Invalid shipment receiver_address_complement field
322Invalid shipment receiver_address_district field
323Invalid shipment receiver_address_city field
324Invalid shipment receiver_address_state field
325Invalid shipment receiver_address_country field
326Invalid shipment receiver_address_name field
327Invalid shipment receiver_address_phone_area_code field
328Invalid shipment receiver_address_phone_number field
329Invalid payment_method installments field
330Invalid payment_method excluded_payment_method id field
331Invalid payment_method excluded_payment_method name field
332Invalid payment_method excluded_payment_method payment_type_id field
333Invalid payment_method excluded_payment_method thumbnail field
334Invalid payment_method excluded_payment_method secure_thumbnail field
335Invalid payment_method excluded_payment_type id field
336Invalid payment_method excluded_payment_type name field
337Invalid payer phone_number field
338Invalid payer phone_area_code field
339Invalid payer date_created field
340Invalid payer email field
341Invalid payer born_date field
342Invalid payer mother_name field
343Invalid payer father_name field
344Invalid payer sex field
345Invalid payer phone_country_code field
346Invalid payer phone_extension field
347Invalid payer phone_extension_type field
348Invalid payer tax_type field
349Invalid payer address_type field
350Invalid item id field
351Invalid item description field
352Invalid item category_id field
353Invalid item picture_url field
354Invalid item unit_price field
355Invalid item quantity field
356Invalid item title field
357Invalid item weight field
358Invalid item shipping_cost field
359Invalid item quantity_itens_sum field
360Invalid item tax_amount field
361Invalid item weight_unit field
362Invalid item length field
363Invalid item length_unit field
364Invalid item width field
365Invalid item width_unit field
366Invalid item height field
367Invalid item height_unit field
368Invalid item url field
369Invalid item type field
370Invalid extra_param metadata_item key field
371Invalid extra_param metadata_item field field
372Invalid extra_param metadata_item group field
373Invalid extra_param prefix key field
374Invalid extra_param prefix value field
375Invalid extra_param acquirer_param key field
376Invalid extra_param acquirer_param value field
400Aborted transaction
723The conditions sent are not supported by the acquirer. / Invalid acquirer credentials.
724Invalid max_installments field
742Invalid max_installments_with_interest field
743Invalid allowed_payment_methods field
910Transaction declined by e-Rede.
920Transaction declined by Cielo e-Commerce.
930Visa Checkout communication error.
934Masterpass communication error.
940Declined transaction by GetNet WS.
941User not authenticated in GetNet WS.
942Invalid username.
943Invalid password.
944Invalid merchant id.
945Merchant track id.
946Terminal id.
947Null card field.
948Null payment id.
949Null PARes.
950Declined transaction by Global Payments WS.
951Null request.
952Invalid merchant code.
953Invalid terminal.
954Invalid signature.
970Transaction declined by SafetyPay.
971Null refund reason.
972Null credential.
980Null cardholder.
981Null order key.
989Invalid anti-fraud institution to notify.
990Null merchant id.
991Null merchant code.
992Invalid anti-fraud payment type.
993Invalid anti-fraud authorizer.
994Split payment not allowed to anti-fraud.
995Recharge transaction type not allowed to anti-fraud.
996Anti-fraud institution not registered.
997Merchant without permission to use anti-fraud.
998Anti-fraud analysis rejected, invalid or in review.
999Null anti-fraud item id.
1000Unexpected error in Carat Portal. Please contact support.
1003Unexpected error in Carat Portal. Please contact support.
1004Unexpected error in Carat Portal. Please contact support.
1010Unexpected error accessing Carat Portal database. Please contact support.
1135Invalid additional_data application_fee field
1136Invalid additional_data binary_mode field
1137Invalid additional_data discount_campaign_id field
1138Invalid additional_data acquirer_expiry_date field
1139Invalid additional_data description field
1140Invalid payer type field
1141Invalid additional_data acquirer_expiry_date_from field
1142Invalid additional_data acquirer_expiry_date_to field
1143Invalid additional_data acquirer_expires field
1144Invalid shipment mode field
1145Invalid shipment local_pickup field
1146Invalid shipment dimensions field
1147Invalid shipment default_shipping_method field
1148Invalid shipment free_shipment field
1149Invalid shipment free_methods id field
1150Invalid ad_tracks type field
1151Invalid ad_tracks conversion_id field
1152Invalid ad_tracks conversion_label field
1153Invalid ad_tracks pixel_id field
2000Unexpected error in Carat Portal. Please contact support.
5555Unexpected error in Carat Portal. Please contact support.

Negative Response codes (Routing via SiTef)#

In routings via SiTef, you may receive negative response codes (for example, "-211"). In cases like this, please contact our support team.