Generic operation service

The generic operation service depends on the authorizer / routing. This chapter will focus on the common characteristics of each operation. For more details on each operation, see the documentation prepared for each routing.

Call details#

  • Feature: /v1/genericoperations
  • HTTP method: POST
  • Request format: JSON
  • Response format: JSON
  • Header parameters:
ParameterDescriptionType (Size)Mandatory
merchant_idStore code on Carat Portal. The production and certification codes will be different.AN (≤ 15)Yes
merchant_keyStore authentication key on Carat Portal. The production and certification keys will be different.AN (≤ 80)Yes
Content-TypeUse "application/json" value.AN (= 15)Yes

Request parameter#

ParameterDescriptionType (Size)Mandatory
operationIdentifying number of the operation to be called.N (≤ 3)Yes
parametersSet of properties that must be sent to perform the operation specified in the parameter operation.AN (≤ 20)Yes

Descriptive table of parameters#

Each operation has a set of parameters. Below are the parameters with common characteristics for all operations:

ParameterDescriptionType (Size)Mandatory
tokenAuthenticity token that was generated by Carat Portal (Learn more)AN (= 66)Conditional per operation
authorizer_idAuthorization code on Carat Portal (Learn more)AN (≤ 3)Yes
terminal_idNumeric value that represents a logical terminal in SiTef. A logic terminal number cannot be used at the same time for two different requests.AN (= 8)Yes
merchant_usnNSU of in-store operationN (≤ 12)Yes
operator_codeOperator codeN (= 2)No
supervisor_codeSupervisor codeN (= 5)No
subfunctionSubfunction of the operation. The value of this field must be consistent with the operationN (= 2)Yes


The answer depends on each operation and will be specified in the documentation of each authorizer/routing.