Status notification service

In the merchant's registration, the status URL must be informed. Carat Portal will send a POST containing the status of the transaction with the following parameters:

nitNIT of the transaction= 64 A
pedidoOrder id (generated by the merchant).< 20 A
nsuSequential Number sent by the merchant.< 12 N
nsuSitefUnique Sequential Number (USN) of SiTef.< 10 A
nsuHostUnique Sequential number of the authorizer.< 20 A
nsuesitefCarat Portal's USN.= 15 A
statusOrder status. Learn more.= 3 A
cupomCustomer's receipt.< 4000 A
cupomEstabelecimentoMerchant's receipt.< 4000 A
autorizadoraAuthorizer code (on Carat Portal). Learn more.< 10 A
tipoPagamentoPayment type.

= 1 A
dataSitefDate of the payment.

Format: DD/MM/YYYY hh:mm:SS

Attention: this parameter is only sent on confirmed transactions routed by SiTef.
= 19 A
dataEfetivacaoDate of the payment.

Format: DD/MM/YYYY hh:mm:SS

Attention: this parameter is only sent on confirmed transactions not routed by SiTef.
= 19 A
parcelasNumber of installments.< 2 N
tipoFinanciamentoFinancing type chosen by the customer.
3 = installments with interest
4 = installments without interest
= 1 N
mensagemAuthorizer message.< 1024 A
codigoRespostaAutorizadoraAuthorizer response code.< 1024 A
redeAuthorizer name, whereby the payment is being performed.< 500 A
numeroAutorizacaoAuthorization number (generated by the authorizer)= 6 A
tidTransaction ID received only on transactions not routed by SiTef, such as Cielo e-Commerce, e-Rede, e.Rede REST, etc. = 40 A
eciElectronic Commerce Indicator (ECI)= 3 A
bandeiraIssuer code used in the transaction. P.S. this field is sent only at transactions via SiTef.< 5 N
analise.statusRisk analysis transaction status.
NOV = new
EXP = expired
ACC = accepted
REJ = rejected
REV = review
= 3 A
analise.codigoAntifraud institution's response code.< 3 N
analise.mensagemAntifraud institution's response message.< 30 A
NITTransacaoSecundariaSecondary transactions' NITs (separated by &#124; pipe) for split transactions.< 1040 A
binCartaoBIN (6 first digits) of the card used on the payment.= 6 N
finalCartaoLast 4 digits of the card used on the payment.= 4 N

In addition to the fields described above, if a recharge transaction is linked the following fields will be returned:

recarga.nitTransaction NIT.= 64 A
recarga.nsusitefSiTef USN.< 10 A
recarga.nsuhostAuthorizer USN.< 20 A
recarga.nsuesitefCarat Portal USN.= 15 A
recarga.statusOrder status.= 3 A
recarga.cupomRecharge customer receipt.< 4000 A
recarga.cupomestabelecimentoRecharge merchant receipt.< 4000 A
recarga.codigoconcessionariaDealer code (on GwCel).< 10 A
recarga.redeAcquirer code.< 4 N
recarga.dataefetivacaoPayment date. Format: DD/MM/AAAA hh:mm:SS.

ATTENTION: : this parameter is only returned on confirmed transactions made by SiTef.
= 19 A
recarga.dataefetivacaositefPayment date. Format: DD/MM/AAAA hh:mm:SS.

ATTENTION: : this parameter is only returned on confirmed transactions not done by SiTef.
= 19 A
recarga.dadosconfirmacaoRecharge confirmation data. (alphanumeric sequence).= 12 A
recarga.telefonePhone number.< 20 N
recarga.dddPhone area code.< 4 N
recarga.valorRecharge amount.< 12 N
recarga.codigorespostahostDealer response code.< 4 N
recarga.codigorespostasitefSiTef response code.< 4 N
recarga.mensagemrespostahostDealer response message.< 64 A
recarga.mensagemrespostasitefSiTef response message.< 64 A


In addition to the above parameters, Carat Portal can return other ones without prior notice. Please, be prepared to receive extra parameters beyond the parameters in the table above that can be ignored.

It isn't necessary to return data on the POST, however if the POST is not successful (HTTP Status-Code 200: OK), Carat Portal will try again until the configured number of times on the system, before giving up and leaving the transaction as pending notification, as seen on the images below.

Carat Portal's POST/HTTPS may not be immediate, as it will be asynchronous. The delay may vary according to the server load and the internet. If a problem occurs on sending, Carat Portal will try to resend the message after a certain time range, up to 3 times.

Not all of the parameters will be present on all transactions. Some parameters might not be sent depending on the payment method or if the transaction is not concluded, for example.

**Attempts of status change notifications:**

Failed attempts of status change notifications:

Status notification POST

To use this example, don't forget to define the variable {{url}} with the value

curl -X POST \ \
-H 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \
-H 'cache-control: no-cache' \
-d 'nsuSitef=315569&nit=9230d962f0afb40db64e082c37564f4b113c3e4fc6a5090c40813c4b0d80ca37&pedido=201808020001&status=CON'

Status notification POST parameters**#

The table below describes the parameters sent by Carat Portal on the Status notification POST:

nsuSitefTransaction number at Sitef= 6 AN
nitCarat Portal transaction ID.= 64 AN
pedidoOrder ID of the payment created by merchant< 20 AN
statusTransaction status on Carat= 3 N

Carat Portal can also send new parameters without previous warning, which means that the merchant’s application must be prepared to receive extra fields and just ignore them.