Payment Link via API

Payment link is a modality that allows the merchant to send a request to Carat Portal to obtain a link / URL, that can be sent directly to the customer on the desired platform (e.g. e-mail, social networks, etc.).

To use this functionality, just send the payment_link parameter with the value true on the transaction creation step. The returned URL will have a longer expiration period, of 48 hours (default value). When the customer is redirected to the link, they will follow the conventional HTML payment flow.

The merchant can also have a custom expiration period, with a value between 5 minutes and 48 hours. To do so, it's necessary to request this configuration to our support and production teams.

Payments link generated by this method can use anti-fraud integration with CyberSource and Konduto. See Risk analysis service in the HTML Interface and the specific documentation of each risk analysis institution for more details.