Soft Descriptor

The soft descriptor is an additional text that will be presented alongside the name of the establishment in the credit card invoice. This text can be defined in Carat Portal merchant configuration or in a payment/pre-authorization request.

In Carat Portal, the soft descriptor format accepts up to 30 alphanumeric characters, but it can be truncated according to acquirer specified size. The soft descriptor is an optional data.

Attention: We suggest that merchant always confirm the size, format and presentation conditions of soft descriptor with acquirer

SiTef Rountings#

Each SiTef that accepts soft descriptor has a specific format. The soft descriptor oversize received by Carat Portal will be removed.

RoutingFormat and Size
Cielo< AN 13
Stone< AN 25
Getnet< AN 22
Banrisul< AN 22
Cabal< AN 22
Rede< AN 22
BIN< AN 25
SiPAG< AN 25

Non SiTef Rountings#

Cielo e-Commerce#

Only for Visa and Mastercard cards. The size limit is 13 alphanumeric characters.


The maximum size is 13 alphanumeric characters.

Need to activate "invoice identification" at the e-Rede registration.

e.Rede REST#

The maximum size is 13 alphanumeric characters, to be registered in Carat Portal backoffice or to be sent in transaction request.

The invoice will show 8 static characters that represent the merchant name, plus an asterik *, plus the dynamic part of 13 characters mentioned above.

Exemple: mercName*DynamicPart01

Need to activate "invoice identification" at the e.Rede REST registration.

Stone WS#

If the transaction use Visa, the limit is 25 characters.

If the transaction use Mastercard, the limit is 22 characters.

If the transaction use installment with Visa, so the first 8 characters for installment information, resting 17 characters.

GetNet WS#

If the merchant does not send or register the soft descriptor in Carat Portal, Getnet will use the fantasy name of the Commercial Establishment registration.

This field is composed as following:

  • Facilitator ID, with 3, 7 or 12 characters
  • Separation character * (asterisk)
  • Submerchant ID

The maximum size is 20 characters.


For PayPal, the presented format will be as shown above:

<PP *> or <PAYPAL *><Merchant descriptor as set in the PayPal Payment Receiving Preferences><1 space><soft descriptor>

  • Character length and limitations:
    • Alphanumeric characters
    • dash -
    • asterisk *
    • period .
    • space
  • The maximum length of the soft descriptor is 22 characters.

For example:

  • The PayPal prefix toggle is set to PAYPAL * in PayPal’s administration tools.
  • The merchant descriptor set in the Payment Receiving Preferences is set to EBAY.
  • The soft descriptor is passed in Carat Portal as JanesFlowerGifts LLC.
  • The resulting descriptor string on the credit card invoice is PAYPAL *EBAY JanesFlow


For SafraPay, the soft descriptor field allows a maximum length of 22 characters, where larger strings sent in this field will be truncated at this limit.

  • The following characters are allowed:
    • alphanumeric in uppercase and unaccented;
    • % $ , . / & ( ) + = = < > - *
  • Valid field example: LOS*POLLOS*HERMANOS*2
  • Invalid field examples:
    • los*pollos*hermanos (lowercase characters)
    • MOE'S_BAR (use of special characters ' and _)

Soft descriptor field can be sent in the following transactions:

  • Credit with late confirmation
  • Credit with automatic confirmation
  • Transaction refund
  • Transaction undo


For Global Payments, the soft descriptor field allows a maximum length of 13 characters. This text will be printed alongside the merchant's identification, following the lengths of each brand:

  • Visa: 25 characters
  • Mastercard: 22 characters

[Merchant Name] + [Asterisk] + [Soft Descriptor] = [22 or 25] characters

In case the sum of these fields exceed the character limit, the soft descriptor text will be truncated from right to left. White spaces are counted as 1 character.

Only simple characters are allowed.