Create Pre-Authorization service


The pre-authorization flow is exactly the same as the payment flow. To allow the customer to perform the purchase through a pre-authorization, just send the value "preauthorization" on the transaction_type field. Learn more.


The pre-authorization has one restriction when compared to the payment flow. The authorizer, the number and type of installments are mandatory for the transaction creation and must be prefixed by the merchant, not allowing the customer to alter or choose another value.

The fields used are, respectively: authorizer_id, installments and installment_type. They are described in the transaction creation process request parameters.

Pre-Authorization request example#

"merchant_id": "codigoDaLoja",
"amount": "1800",
"authorizer_id": "1",
"installments": "3",
"installment_type": "4"

Pre-Authorization capture#

When a pre-authorization is confirmed successfully, the merchant can capture it later via web services, thus effecting the billing. Learn more.