Recharge confirmation service

Call details#

  • Resource: /v3/recharge/{nit}
  • HTTP Method: PUT
  • Request format: JSON
  • Response format: JSON
  • Header parameters:
Content-TypeIt must be sent with the value application/json.= 15 ANYES
AuthorizationAuthenticity signature in Bearer {signature} format. Learn more.

Example: Bearer hh39458f73hf45324765ft349h5f73t4h95f34.

This field is mandatory if the transaction was created with the signature process.
< 2000 ANCOND.


Below is an example of the recharge confirmation service call using the cURL tool.


To use this example, don't forget to define the variable {{url}} with the value

--request PUT "https://e{{url}}/e-sitef/v3/recharge/asdfghjk12345678asdfghjk12345678asdfghjk12345678asdfghjk12345678"
--header "Content-Type: application/json"



Request parameters#

The table below describes the request parameters of the recharge confirmation service:

confirmIt must receive the value true if it’s desired to confirm the recharge and its associated payment (if it exists).
It must be set to false to undo the recharge and its associated payment (if any).
merchant_keyMerchant key on Carat Portal used on the recharge transaction.< 80 ANYES
used_payment_methods[]Payment methods used to recharge. The user must follow the same rules described in Recharge effectuation service corresponding chapter to fill this field. In the case of TIM recharge, it is mandatory to send this field if you do not want the “Other forms” payment type (code 99) to be assumed.COND.

Response parameters#

In case of success, the HTTP response code will be 200. Any other code must be interpreted as an error. The table below describes de response parameters of the recharge confirmation service:

statusStatus of the recharge transaction on Carat Portal. Learn more.= 3 AN
codeCarat Portal response code. Any code different from 0(zero) means failure. Learn more.< 4 N
messageCarat Portal response message.< 500 AN
statusStatus of the payment transaction on Carat Portal, if it exists. Learn more.= 3 AN