The merchant has the ability to set up credit card transaction routing on Carat Portal by various payment methods, one of which is StoneWS.

This page will use the nomenclature "StoneWS" to reference routing in Carat Portal.

Carat Portal Interfaces Supported for Integration#

You can use the following interfaces for integration with StoneWS routing:

  • REST Payment
  • REST Pre-Authorization
  • REST Cancellation
  • HTML Payment
  • HTML Pre-Authorization

Authorizers allowed#

For more information about authorizers / issuers available to make transactions with StoneWS, please contact the Stone acquirer.

Required Credentials#

The store must obtain from StoneWS the credentials listed below, and pass them on to Software Express or register as explained later in this document.

To start using Carat Portal to make transactions routed by StoneWS, merchant must have a SAK (Sale Affiliation Key), a key for integration with Stone. The merchant can email to request it, providing the following information:

  • Company Name
  • Company CNPJ
  • Summary of the company’s business (in a single sentence)
  • e-mail address to where the credentials must be sent

After receiving the SAK, the merchant must send it to Carat Portal Support/Production Team. It also can be registered on Carat Portal’s Merchant’s Portal, in the menu item Configurar Autorizadoras("Configure Authorizers").

salesAffiliationKeyMerchant identification on Stone aquirer.AN


Transaction refunding can be done, using full or partial amount, on the following interfaces:

Subacquirer Funding#

The subacquirer funding is an optional feature, and its must first be enabled on merchant’s StoneWS registry, and after that in Carat Portal management system.

Required registry data to subacquirer funding#

After subacquirer funding enabled in Carat Portal, the merchant data below must be registered in Carat Portal management system:

CountrySubacquirer’s Country Code= 3 A
StateSubacquirer’s’s State= 2 A
CitySubacquirer’s City< 25 A
Postal CodeSubacquirer’s Postal Code< 9 N
SoftDescriptorResumed description on the card holder’s credit card statement (more details on item SoftDescriptor).< 30 AN

All data will be sent to StoneWS in all transactions, once subacquirer funding is enabled in Carat Portal.

Dinamic MCC#

Additionally, the merchant can dynamically change the MCC (Merchant Category Code) in sub-merchant funding transactions. If no MCC is sent in transactions, the default MCC registered on StoneWS to the merchant will be considered. The dynamic MCC can be sent to Carat Portal using the field below.

MCCMerchant Category Code= 4 N

The possible MCC values list can be checked in a Stone page (active link in 2017/sep/15) or via ISO-18245.