Reversal Transaction Inquiry

This functionality is intended to return data from a reversal transaction and its respective transaction reversed from the reversal keys.

The key consists of the fields:

  • SitCod
  • Transaction date
  • NSU SiTef
  • SiTef Store Code
  • Customer Code (only on GW/Express platform)

This key must be sent as a parameter in the request URL (QueryString).

Call Details#

  • Method: GET
  • URL: Basic URL + reversal/search?codsit=000&datatrn=yyyymmdd&nsusitef=00000000&codlojasitef=00000000
  • Answer: List of Reversal and Reversal Transactions (see [List of Reversal and Reversal Transactions Reversals] (
  • Description of URL parameters:
codsitSiTef Network CodeNumeric1-4-Yes
datatrnTransaction dateNumeric8YYYYMMDDYes
nsusitefTransaction's Sitef's NSUNumeric6-Yes
codlojasitefTransaction SiTef store codeNumeric8-No*
codlojatroncoSub-acquirer store codealphanumeric8-No*
codigo_clienteCustomer CodeNumeric1-8-Yes**

* It is necessary to inform codlojasitef or codlojatronco

** custmer_code is required when used on SiTef GW/Express platform. Not used on SiTef- clients Conciliation.

By default the Reversal Queries are ignored and are not initialized together with the application. If you want to enable this functionality, an additional configuration must be done in the pending-ws.yml file:

reversal: false