Carat Portal allows the integration of the merchant's e-commerce with payments that authenticate through Masterpass digital wallet. The customer makes their payment online without entering data from their card, using only user data (e-mail or phone number) and password. For this, the customer needs only to open an account with Masterpass first and register their credit and / or debit card information.

It is important to remember that Masterpass is not a payment method, so it does not process transactions. This is an digital wallet that perform customer authentication and provides the payment data to the merchant or for processing partners such as Carat Portal.

Supported Carat Portal interfaces#

The following interfaces for integration with Masterpass are available:

Masterpass authorizer id#

The Masterpass digital wallet is identified in Carat Portal by the folowing authorizer id:

"authorizer_id": "407"

Required Configurations#

Before making Masterpass transactions with Carat Portal, the configuration steps presented below must be followed.

Merchant’s account data on Masterpass Portal#

The merchant must contact Software Express to request a Masterpass account creation to Carat Portal Support or Production teams that will process the request.

Required configurations on Carat Portal#

After the Masterpass account creation, the following authorizer parameters must be registered on Carat Portal:

Carat Portal field nameField descriptionMandatory
merchantCheckoutIdUnique checkout identifier obtained during the merchant registration process on Masterpass.YES
bandeirasPermitidasIndicates which cards will be displayed on the client's wallet on the Masterpass environment. Allowed values:
- amex (American Express)
- diners
- discover
- maestro
- master (mastercard)
- visa

These values must be inserted like in the examples below, separated with commas (,).

Mastercard and Visa only example: visa,master

Visa, Diners and Discover only example: visa,diners,discover

These parameters should be reported to the Carat Portal registration team.

Allowed Authorizers / Cards#

According to the documentation (version 1 - last update on: February 1, 2017), the authorizers / cards currently allowed by Masterpass are:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Maestro
  • Diners

However, changes may occur, and therefore, for a more up-to-date information we strongly suggest the merchant to contact Masterpass and confirm this information.

Masterpass Payment Flow#

The basic payment flow using the Masterpass digital wallet starts as presented in the HTML payment integration.

The image below presents a Masterpass payment flow:

Status Notification#

For each transaction status change on Carat Portal, resulting from the communication between Carat Portal and Masterpass, a status notification is sent to the merchant’s server. Learn more

Parameters for a payment transaction with the Masterpass digital wallet#

The parameters used to create a payment transaction with the Masterpass digital wallet are the same as the ones presented in the HTML Payment, HTML Pre-Authorization e HTML Recharge.

Refunding Masterpass payments#

The payments made on Carat Portal with the Masterpass digital wallet can be reversed using the Rest Cancel or the Merchant’s Portal.

Note that it’s required to have a card number to allow a refund. For this, it’s necessary to store the card on Carat Portal and call the cancellation service using the token / card Hash (Learn more) OR contact directly the card holder to obtain the number.