Two-step authentication

To ensure greater convenience and security to its customers, the Carat Portal offers two-factor authentication, in which, in addition to the platform login, it is necessary to inform a single-use verification code displayed in a previously configured app. For the sake of simplicity, we have assumed Google Authenticator as the app used in our documentation .

what you will need#

  • Active registration in the Carat Portal approval environment (obtained from our support team)
  • Two-step authentication functionality enabled by the supervisor;
  • Installing the app Google Authenticator on a secure mobile device.

Enabling Two-Step Authentication for Other Users#

A user with a Store - Administrator profile has access to the registration of users and can also enable this functionality for other users.

n order to do this, the administrator/supervisor must go to the User Registration and edit its registration.

On the editing screen, the fields QR Code Generation Status and QR Code Generation Deadline are displayed, in addition to the link to enable 2-step authentication for the selected user.

Enable two-step authentication -no-filter

Just click on the link and a default date will be filled in the due date field. Clicking on Save will make this enablement effective.

Registering Two-Step Authentication#

With the two-step authentication functionality enabled by the support team and logged into the Stoere Portal, access the Two-step authentication option in the user menu, as shown in the image below:

Two-step authentication men -no-filter

If all prerequisites are correct, a screen that looks like the following may be displayed:

instruction page -no-filter

With the app properly configured on the mobile device, when clicking on View QR Code, a screen like the following may be displayed

QR Code page -no-filter

Within the Google Authenticator app, select the Scan QR Code option and point the camera at the QR code displayed on the screen. A 6-digit number will then be displayed on the cell phone, which must be entered in the field indicated on the Store Portal screen and, finally, click on Proceed.

ATTENTION: NEVER share this code with third parties. It is personal and non-transferable. If you have any problems or questions, please contact our support team, who will under no circumstances ask for your password or this authentication code.

If everything went well, a success message or the next screen for the step of the operation you were trying to perform will be displayed, and your user will be enabled for two-step authentication. Whenever required, you must access the Google Authenticator and enter the 6-digit number displayed in the app in the field indicated on the Store Portal screen.