Transaction Cancellation

Transaction Cancellation is a tool that allows the store to cancel already confirmed transactions.


To view the Transaction Cancellation, the logged in user must have the profile that allows this operation. In case of doubt, please consult the support team.

The deadline for canceling transactions through the Portal is up to six months, depending on the authorizer's settings.


Para o caso de pagamentos Gift é necessária que a opção de cancelamento esteja habilitada no SiTef.

Transaction cancellation step by step#

To cancel transactions, place your mouse cursor over the link Cancel of the main menu, and a sub-menu will appear. Then click on Transaction Cancellation:

"Transaction Cancellation Link." -no-filter

The presented screen will be similar to the one below:

"Cancel screen." -no-filter

On this screen, it is possible to filter a transaction by its order code, as long as it was carried out between Start and end date.If the Order Code field is left blank, all transactions for the day will be shown after the user clicks on the Search button. The figure below depicts the latter case.

"List of current date transactions." -no-filter

To cancel one of the transactions, just click on one of the respective data: NSU Carat Portal, STORE, VALUE, PAYMENT DATE, NSU or ORDER CODE. An example is shown in the following figure:

"Choice of transaction to cancel." -no-filter

After this step, you will be taken to the transaction cancellation screen. It is similar to the one presented in the next item.

Transaction cancellation#

For the cancellation of payment transactions carried out via SiTef, the screen shown below is displayed:

"Transaction cancellation screen." -no-filter

Here, you can check the details of the transaction to be canceled. Clicking the BACK button returns you to the transaction cancellation screen. If this is the desired transaction, to cancel, just click on the button Cancel Payment highlighted in the figure below:

"Transaction cancellation." -no-filter

After that, the user needs to fill in the field that appeared with the card number used in the transaction and click on confirm. This step is represented in the figure below:

"Card number on transaction cancellation." -no-filter

Cancellation will be processed. After successful cancellation, a screen will be displayed with the original transaction data, the cancellation receipt and a success message. This screen is similar to the one in the following figure:

"Transaction Cancel Success Screen." -no-filter

The success message was highlighted above. It is possible to print this data by clicking on the PRINT button, which will open a new page with the receipt formatted for printing. Clicking on the BACK button returns you to the transaction cancellation screen.

After a successful cancellation, a reversal transaction will be created with the same order code as the original transaction. You can check this new transaction in the Transactions Report .


For cancellation of transactions using the PayPal authorizer, the procedure presents particularities as additional fields to be filled out. Please request the specific document: Appendix D - PayPal.